Video conference fees fall into three areas: (1) video conference rooms and equipment, (2) bridging charges, and (3) connection charges. The fees are as follows:

(1) Rooms and Equipment – There is no fee for use of the Division of Education Technology (DET) video conference/studio located at the Gold Seal Building, the DET video conference equipment, or technical assistance from DET staff. Remote locations may have fees; for instance, certain higher education institutions pay work-study students to support the technology in the rooms, and therefore charge a fee for their use. Fee information for remote sites must be obtained from those sites by the entity requesting the service. If there are fees for use of remote site, the requesting entity is responsible for payment of the fees.

(2) Bridging Charges � The DET video conference bridge can support up to 140 simultaneous connections. There is no fee for use of the video conference bridge controlled by DET. The requesting entity should only use the video conference bridge controlled by DET. Use of other bridges is possible, but the associated fees (i.e., IVN rate is $80 per hour per site) must be paid by the requesting entity if they schedule the use of any bridge other than the one controlled by DET.

(3) Connection Charges � There is no fee for connecting sites on the North Dakota State System. If a MeetingOne phone room is bridged into the call, charges will apply (currently $.13/minute per user).  These charges are billed to the program to which the MeetingOne number belongs.  If you are using a MeetingOne phone room not belonging to you, the program which gave you permission to use their room will expect to recover the incurred charges unless you have other arrangements.




















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