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North Dakota Department of Health

Michelle Feist 328.3177 (ID=2)

Laura Cronquist 701.328.2694 (ID=67)

Tracy Miller 328.2387 (ID=1)

Field Epidemiologists

Lacy Oyloe 774.6405 (ID=3)

Linda Larson 838.3340 (ID=4)

Shawn McBride 787.8130 (ID=6)

Lindsey Watson 241.1386 (ID=7)

Jennifer Schmidt 252.1325 (ID=8)

Deanna Sohljem 328.9760 (ID=9)

Gerry Haag 483.0171 (ID=10)

North Dakota State Veterinarian

Susan Keller DVM 328.2655 (ID=11)

Environmental Health - Indian Health Services

Georgia Artz 477.8469 (ID=15)

Greg Bender 774.0461 (ID=16)

Not filled at this time 627.4701 (ID=14)

Molly Curry 852.0250 (ID=13)

Bill Sherwood 854.7206 (ID=12)

Local Public Health Units

Fargo Cass Public Health- Grant Carson 241.1388 (ID=23)

Lamoure County Public Health Department- Leslie Hanson 883.5356 (ID=29)

Lake Region District Health Unit- Allen McKay 662.7035 (ID=28)

Kidder County District Health Unit- Janel Brousseau 475.2582 (ID=27)

Grand Forks Public Health Department- Todd Hanson 787.8110 (ID=26)

Bismarck Fire and Inspections - Anton Sattler 355.1418 (ID=17)

First District Health Unit- Jim Heckman 852.1376 (ID=24)

Ransom County Public Health Department-Brenna Walton 683.6140 (ID=32)

Emmons County Public Health- Bev Voller 254.4027 (ID=22)

Custer Health- Keith Johnson 667.3370 (ID=20)

Central Valley Health District - Robin Iszler 952.8181 (ID=19)

Cavalier County Health District- Terri Gustafson 256.2402 (ID=18)

Foster County Community Health- Lisa Solwey 652.3087 (ID=25)

Upper Missouri District Health Unit- Javayne Oyloe 774.6400 (ID=40)

Wells County District Health Unit - Karen Volk 547.3756 (ID=65)

Nelson/Griggs District Health Unit- Julie Ferry 322.5624 (ID=30)

Dickey County Health District - Roxanne Holm 349.4348 (ID=66)

Pembina County Health Department- Jeanne Chaput 265.4248 (ID=31)

McIntosh District Health Unit - Cheryl Reis-Schilling 288.3657 (ID=64)

Walsh County Health - Wanda Kratochvil 352.5139 (ID=41)

Traill District Health Unit - Brenda Stallman 636.4434 (ID=39)

Towner County Public Health Department-Sherry Walters 968.4353 (ID=38)

Steele County Public Health Department- Brittany Ness 524.2060 (ID=37)

Southwestern District Health Unit- Kevin Pavlish 483.0171 (ID=36)

Sargent County District Health Unit- Alison Perleberg 724.3725 (ID=35)

Rollette County Public Health District- Barb Frydenlund 477.5646 (ID=34)

Richland County Health Department- Deb Flack 642.7735 (ID=33)

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Services

Scott Larson 250.4481 (ID=42)

Dakota Zoo

Terry Lincoln 223.7543 (ID=44)

Roosevelt Zoo

Brandi Clark 857.4166 (ID=45)

Red River Zoological

Lisa Tate 277.9240 (ID=46)

Chahinkapa Zoo

Kathy Deikman 642.8709 (ID=47)

Cass County Vector

Ben Prather 298.2382 (ID=49)

North Dakota Parks and Recreation Department

Kathy Duttenhefner 328.5370 (ID=50)

Board of Animal Health

Susan Keller DVM 328.2654 (ID=51)

USDA Wildlife Services

Ryan Powers 250.4405 (ID=56)

North Dakota Game and Fish

Dorothy Fecske 328.6302 (ID=58)

North Dakota State University Extension Veterinarian

Charles Stoltenow 231.7522 (ID=60)

North Dakota Birding Society

Betsy Batstone-Cunningham 795.3658 (ID=61)

Theodore Roosevelt National Park

Bill Whitworth 623.4466 (ID=62)

Grand Forks Vector Control

Todd Hanson 787.8110 (ID=63)