DoH Performance Management System

Performance Management Structure

Strategic Planning Committee - An advisory committee comprised of the State Health Officer, Deputy State Health Officer, Performance Management Coordinator, section chiefs, one additional Environmental Health Section representative, Local Public Health Liaison, Public Information Officer, Healthy North Dakota Director, Human Resource Director, Accounting Director and one Health Council member.  The Strategic Planning Committee is responsible for developing the department’s strategic plan, which reflects the department’s mission, goals and objectives. The committee is responsible for identifying annual strategic priority initiatives and assisting with the annual review and validation or revision of the strategic plan.  Chaired by the Deputy State Health Officer.

Performance Management (PM) Steering Committee - An advisory committee responsible for the accreditation and Quality Improvement operations, processes and procedures. The PM Steering Committee provides guidance on key issues and makes recommendations to the PM Executive Committee. Chaired by the State Health Officer.

Quality Improvement (QI) Council - An advisory committee responsible for coordination of QI projects in the department. The QI Council will provide technical assistance and guidance to QI project teams.  QI Council members will be identified by the PM Steering Committee and appointed by the PM Executive Committee. QI Council members will have formal QI training. Chaired by the PM Coordinator.

QI Project Teams - A working committee with relevant involvement and expertise to work on each QI project or process selected.  Members will be selected and appointed by the PM Steering Committee.  A lead person will be identified to coordinate the work of each team. 

Accreditation Domain Teams - The Department of Health has decided to pursue accreditation by the Public Health Accreditation Board. This board issues recognition for health departments that meet a specified set of national standards which are organized into 12 domains. The Accreditation Domain Teams are working cross-sectional committees responsible for identifying and uploading documentation that best demonstrates conformity to standards and measures for each of the 12 accreditation domains. The Accreditation Domain Teams are temporary and for the purpose of accreditation document submission.  Members for each team will be appointed by the PM Steering Committee. Chaired by the PM Coordinator.