Public Health Systems & Performance

The Office of Public Health Systems and Performance works through collaboration and partnership to build capacity, improve performance and strengthen North Dakota’s public health system. Along with the North Dakota Department of Health, North Dakota's public health system includes 28 local health departments and local health districts, tribal governments and other partners who network to improve the health of the population.
To achieve our vision of an effective and efficient public health system in North Dakota, the department emphasizes community health assessments, community health improvement plans, strategic plans and continuous quality improvement.
The Office of Public Health Systems and Performance:

  • Provides leadership to strengthen communication and working relationships within the state department of health and between the department and system partners;
  • Supports statewide assessment, planning and performance improvement efforts;
  • Provides technical assistance, training and consultation to the state’s local public health units;
  • Coordinates discussions to develop common policies between local health units and the state department of health to assure the most effective delivery of programs and services;
  • Coordinates and facilitates the Local and State Executive Committee;
  • Administers and distributes state general funding to local public health units;
  • Provides technical assistance and information to strengthen state and local performance management;
  • Manages the department’s accreditation and performance improvement efforts.


Kelly Nagel