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Laboratory Services

What is the Division of Laboratory Services - Microbiology (NDPHL)?

Similar to other states, we serve as the public health laboratory for North Dakota. The North Dakota public health laboratory functions in response to national initiatives and the Healthy People 2010 Report to attain a basic quality of health for all citizens.

What are the primary functions of the NDPHL?

Testing services support the investigation of disease outbreaks and provide direction for disease prevention and control activities. The laboratory serves in a reference capacity for local health units, private and community health-care facilities and veterinary laboratories. Testing methods address specific public health issues such as emerging infectious diseases, antibiotic resistance and bioterrorism preparedness. Timely sample testing aides in the prevention and control of sexually transmitted diseases and many other diseases. Environmental hazard mitigation is accomplished through monitoring water and dairy products for compliance through mosquito surveillance activities and through support of investigational responses to natural or man-made disasters. In addition, outreach programs provide training in safety and laboratory testing methods and promote cooperative sharing with other agencies, both public and private.

What specific tests are offered at the NDPHL?

The laboratory’s testing functions can be split into seven different categories. Click on a category for more information regarding specimen collection and testing and a description.

Reference Bacteriology

Special Microbiology

Bioterrorism Preparedness

Sexually Transmitted Diseases

Virology and Immunology

Environmental Testing

Where is the laboratory located and how do I contact someone at the NDPHL?

The NDPHL is located at 2635 East Main Avenue Bismarck, ND 58502. The general phone number is 701.328.6272. For e-mail addresses specific to certain areas in the laboratory, click here.

Where can specimens be dropped off?

During normal working hours, 8 a.m.-5 p.m., specimens can be placed in the locked drop-box located within the entry on the west end of the building. An intercom is available for direct assistance.

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