Supplies Request

Brochures - HIV/AIDS, Hepatitis and STD PreventionOrder SizeAmount Requested
Chlamydia: What you Need to Know. Be Informed. Reduce RiskEach 
STIs and Oral Sex: What You Need to Know. Be Informed. Reduce Risk.Each 
Ryan White Part B Program. Enroll Today. Improve Your HealthEach 
Get the Facts About TB DiseaseEach 
Protect Your Family and Friends from TB: The TB Contact InvestigationEach 
Staying on Track with TB MedicineEach 
Take Steps to Control TB When You Have HIVEach 
Questions and Answers About TB (for the client)Each 
What You Need to Know About TB InfectionEach 
Bovine Tuberculosis in Humans and AnimalsEach 
DVD TrainingOrder SizeAmount Requested
Delivering HIV Rapid Test Results: Experience from the FieldEach 
What Veterans Need to Know About Hepatitis C VirusEach 
Other ResourcesOrder SizeAmount Requested
Induration RulersEach 
Tuberculin Test Registration Cards (SFN 7722)Each 
TB Treatment Completion CardsEach 
PostersOrder SizeAmount Requested
Management of Occupational Blood Exposures to HBV, HCV or HIVEach 
Sexual Exposure Chart (Gives estimates on the number of people a person has been exposed to, based on the number of sexual partners they had.)Each 
STD Oral Self-Testing Poster - EnglishEach 
STD Oral Self-Testing Poster - SpanishEach 
STD Rectal Self-Testing Poster - EnglishEach 
STD Rectal Self-Testing Poster - SpanishEach 
Prevention Supplies (Note: Condom orders processed on Tuesdays and shipped only on Thursdays)Order SizeAmount Requested
Condoms, ONE Brand, Latex, Lubricated, Classic Designs (1,000 per box)Box (Limit 6) 
Condoms, ONE Brand, Latex, Lubricated, Color Sensations (1,000 per box)Box (Limit 1) 
Condoms, ONE Brand, Latex, Lubricated, FlavorWaves (1,000 per box)Box (Limit 1) 
Condoms, ONE Brand, Latex, Lubricated, Sensitive Mix (500 per box)Box (Limit 4) 
Condoms, ONE Brand, Latex, Lubricated, Legend XL (100 per box)Box (Limit 3) 
Condoms, Latex-Free, Polyurethane, LubricatedEach (Limit 50) 
Condoms, Female Condom FC2 (Only Available for Contracted Sites)Each (Limit 25) 
Condom Demonstrators, WoodEach (Limit 5) 
Satin Latex Dental Dams, Assorted Flavors (100 per box)Box (Limit 4) 
Lubricant Unflavored (Water-Based 3 ml foils)Each (Limit 100) 
Lubricant Assorted Flavors (Water-Based 3 ml foils)Each (Limit 100) 
Safer Sex Kits - 2 condoms, 1 lube, instructions (100 per box)Box 
Safer Sex Kits - 4 condoms, 2 lube, instructions (50 per box)Box 
Condom Instruction Cards- Individual Cards from Safer Sex KitsEach 
Rapid Tests & Supplies - For Contracted Sites OnlyOrder SizeAmount Requested
Chembio SURE CHECK® HIV 1 & 2 Testing Kits (25 Tests/Kit)Kit 
Chembio SURE CHECK® Control Pack (3 Vials)Each 
Chembio SURE CHECK® Accessory Kit (36 Pipettes & Weigh Boots)Each 
OraQuick® HCV Rapid Tests (25 Tests/box)Box 
OraQuick® HCV ControlsEach 
Blood Draw Supplies - For Contracted Sites OnlyOrder SizeAmount Requested
Vacutainer Tubes – SST 8.5 mL - Tiger TopEach 
Lithium Heparin TubesEach 
Eclipse Needle Blood Collection 21 G x 1 ¼”Each 
Angel Wing Collection Sets 23 G x ¾”Each 
Vacutainer One-Use HolderEach 
Tourniquet 1” x 18”Each 
Latex Free Tourniquets 1" X 18"Each 
2" Coban - Sterile Latex Free Self-Adherent WrapEach 
Gauze Pads 2” x 2”Each 

*Items for North Dakota Providers ONLY

Risk Assessment

Take an HIV/STD/viral hepatitis risk assessment survey.