Outpatient Physical Therapy or Speech Pathology Providers

There are three types of organizations which may qualify as OPT/OSP providers:        

  1. Rehabilitation Agency - An agency which provides an integrated, multidisciplinary program designed to upgrade the physical functions of handicapped, disabled individuals by bringing together, as a team, specialized rehabilitation personnel. At a minimum, a rehabilitation agency must provide physical therapy or speech language pathology services and a rehabilitation program which, in addition to physical therapy or speech language pathology services, includes social or vocational adjustment services.

  2. Clinic - A facility established primarily for the provision of outpatient physicians services. To meet the definition of a clinic, the facility must meet the following test of physician participation: The medical services of the clinic are provided by a group of 3 or more physicians practicing medicine together; and a physician is present in the clinic at all times during hours of operation to perform medical services (rather than only administrative services).          

  3. Public Health Agency - An official agency established by a state or local government, the primary function of which is to maintain the health of the population served by providing environmental health services, preventive medical services, and in certain instances, therapeutic services.

List of OPT/OSP providers in North Dakota (Adobe PDF)