Heart Disease and Stroke Prevention Program

State Stroke Registry Program

State Stroke Registry Program
Enhancing Stroke Care. Improving Outcomes.

Stroke remains the third leading cause of death and a leading cause of long-term disability among North Dakotans despite advances in stroke prevention, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation.
A stroke system of care that fully addresses the continuum from prevention to rehabilitation and recovery is crucial and will have an astounding influence on quality of life and healthcare costs in
North Dakota.

The State Stroke Registry (SSR) Program is one component of a functioning, cohesive system of stroke care. Guiding principles for the SSR Program are:

  • Patient-centered care and improving patient care are the number one priorities.

  • Continuum of healthcare in North Dakota is quality-driven, effective and timely.

  • A role for local community hospitals is maintained to assure critical access to health care.

  • Program design improves adherence to evidence-based care of patients hospitalized with stroke.

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