Tuberculosis Data

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2020 Tuberculosis Risk Assesment

Active Tuberculosis by Gender

This graph represents the total number of active tuberculosis cases reported by gender.

Active Tuberculosis Cases, United States-born vs. Foreign-born

This graph shows the number of cases of active tuberculosis showing if people were born in the United States or in a foreign country. A major risk factor for tuberculosis infection is being born in a country where tuberculosis is endemic. While tuberculosis infection is rare in the United States, up to one third of the world’s population is infected with tuberculosis.

Active Tuberculosis by Race

The graph shows the rates per 100,000 individuals diagnosed with active tuberculosis by race. Note that the race of Black/African American combines both African-born black individuals with American-born black individuals.

Active Tuberculosis Rates, North Dakota vs. United States

This graph shows the overall rate per 100,000 individuals diagnosed with active tuberculosis in both North Dakota and the United States.

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