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Act FAST at 1st Sign of Stroke (1.75x8.5)                 
Brochures-Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention               
Stroke Changes Lives (4x9)        Diabetes Heart Disease & Stroke (4x8.5)   Women, Heart Disease and Stroke (5.5x8.5)    
Understanding and Controlling Your High Blood Pressure (4x8.5)      Understanding and Improving Your Cholesterol (4x8.5)   High Blood Pressure (4x8.5)     
Be Salt Smart for a Healthy Heart (3.75x8.75)       Heart-Healthy Snacking (4x8.5)    Tips for Eating Out (4x8.5)
Making Healthy Food & Lifestyle Choices (4x8.5)                 
Education Sheets  (8.5x11)              
Are You at Risk of a Heart Attack        Healthy Lifestyle Habits and Goals    Salt and Sodium 10 Tips 
Stroke Risk Scorecard       Take Steps to Being Active   Taking Care of Your Diabetes Means Taking Care of Your Heart   
Do You Know Your BP Numbers      Measuring Blood Pressure the Right Way       Hypertension    
Blood Pressure        Common Warning Signs of Heart Attack    Blood Pressure Screening Algorithm     
Magnets (3.75 x 5)              
Sodium Recommendations       Stroke Act FAST & Save a Life        Stroke Think FAST     
Placemat-Act FAST at 1st Sign of Stroke (11x17)       Blood Pressure Tracker (2.5x3.5)         Strive-Survive-Thrive (8.5x11)     
Act FAST at 1st Sign of Stroke  (11x17)        Be Salt Smart for a Healthy Heart  (8.5x11)   
Stroke-Act Fast & Save a Life  (8.5x11) 

Stroke-Think FAST  (8.5x11)   
Wallet Cards      
Sodium Recommendations    Stroke Think FAST       


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