Your First Visit

An Investment in Healthier Children


To find out more about WIC and the clinic location nearest you, look in the phone book under WIC or Public Health. You can also call the state WIC Program toll free at 1.800.472.2286 or click on the Local WIC Agency Listing link on the left menu bar to locate the office in your community.



For your first visit to a WIC clinic, please bring the following with you:


  • Identification for each applicant (ex., driver's license, Social Security card, birth certificate)

  • Proof of income (ex., paycheck stubs, income tax form (self-employed and farmers), Medicaid card, SNAP (Food Stamps) award letter)

  • Proof of residency (ex., your utility bill, cable bill)

  • Proof of immunizations (your child's shot records for children up to age 2)

WIC does not require proof of citizenship or alien status.


Please call your local WIC office to make an appointment.