Data Set Summary Information

 Database NameAcronymDescriptionDoH SectionDoH ProgramYears Available
View Details  Ahlers and Associates Patients seen by family planning clinics Community HealthFamily Health 2010-2013
View Details  ArboNetARBONETCollects data on mosquitoes, animals, humans,for WNV and other arboviral surveillance.Medical ServicesDisease Control 2003-2011
View Details  ArboNetArboNetHuman, veterinary, birds, and mosquito data for managing arboviral disease such as West Nile. Medical ServicesEpidemiology and Surveillance Program 2004-2012
View Details  Behavioral Risk Factor Surveillance System BRFSSContinously conducted telephone survey of adults North Dakotans covering health risk factors and disease prevalence. Part of a survey conducted ntionwide.Community HealthBRFSS Before 1990, 1990-2011
View Details  Birth Certificate Registratin of births occuring in the state or to state residents Administrative SupportVital Statistics Before 1990, 1990-2011
View Details  Breast Feeding Initiation Rates by County  Birth Certificate derived data re: breastfeeding initiation countywideCommunity HealthNutrition and Physical Activity 2001-2012
View Details  Breastfeeding Initiation by Hospitals  Rates of breast feeding initiation rates by birth hospital. From newborn screening data. Community HealthNutrition and PHysical Activity 1997-2012
View Details  Breastfeeding Initiation Rates by All Hospitals  Data is derived from birth certificates re: percentage of new mothers breastfeeding after deliveryCommunity HealthNutrition and Physical Activity 2008-2012
View Details  Cancer Screening and Tracking SystemCaSTCaST allows the user to track patients through the length of the study and collect information on screening and diagnostic procedures done for breast and cervical cancer (NBCCDEP). To assist in the tracking of patients, CaST has the ability to generate reports, queries, and client/patient reminders. Secondarily, it provides a means to report the Minimum Data Elements (MDEs) and Colorectal Cancer Clinical Data Elements (CCDEs) to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Community HealthAccess 1997-2014
View Details  Cancer Screening and Tracking SystemCaSTSystem collects breast and cervical cancer screening and diagnosis records for low income, age specific and under- or un-insured womenCommunity HealthWomen's Way 1997-2012
View Details  CityWatch This is a communications dataset that organizes groups of people so that they can be contacted all at a single time. Emergency PreparednessPublic Health Preparedness Current year only
View Details  Cribs for Kids Receive cribs to help prevent SIDSCommunity HealthSIDS Management 2010-2012
View Details  Death Certificate Registration of deaths occuring in state or to state residents Administrative SupportVital Statistics Before 1990, 1990-2011
View Details  EMS and Ambulance Licensure Database (Big Picture) Current database of licensed EMS professionals, instructors, ambulance services, quick response units, heavy rescues, and rosters of agencies.Emergency PreparednessDivision of EMS and Trauma 2012
View Details  Family Planning Annual ReportFPARAggregate results from data from the Ahlers dataset Community HealthFamily Health 2005-2012
View Details  HAN Assets The database is used for on-line "shopping" by health care facilties needing access to NDDoH warehouse materials during an emergencyEmergency PreparednessPublic Health Emergency Preparedness Current year only
View Details  Influenza Incidence Surveillance Project - Influenza-like IllnessIISP-ILIData includes the number of patients presenting to selected health-care facilities with influenza-like illness stratified by age groups. Also includes the total number of patient visits by age group. Patient testing data for other respiratory viruses is collected on a sample of ILI patients.Medical ServicesEpidemiology and Surveillance Program 2009-2014
View Details  Licensed Establishments Information Management System IMSDatabase of licensed establishments that for which NDDoH is responsible (excludes those managed by LPHU)Health ResourcesFood and Lodging Current year only
View Details  MAVENMAVENPrimary case reports of infectious disease; may have small number of non-infectious disease cases Medical ServicesELC 2000-2015
View Details  Medicare Claims DataMEDICARE CMSMedicare claims data sets, North Dakota residents age 65 and older – 2003 & 2008Community HealthDivision of Chronic Disease 2003, 2008
View Details  National Outbreak Reporting SystemNORSWaterborne and enteric foodborne, person-to-person, environmental, animal contact, and unknown/indeterminate mode of transmission outbreaks.Medical ServicesDisease Control 2009-2012
View Details  Newborn Screening Database (Metabolic and Genetic Registry) Record level data of newborns laboratory screens - lab results and follow=up of abnormals, newborn screen blood card data, demographics, limited risk factors / birth conditionsCommunity HealthNewborn Screening Program 1992-2013
View Details  North Dakota Adult Tobacco SurveyATSSurvey results concerning North Dakota adults' use of tobacco and opinions about tobacco-related issues.Community HealthTobacco Prevention and Control 2009
View Details  North Dakota Birth Defects Monitoring SystemNDBDMSContains each identified child with a birth defectCommunity HealthDivision of Children's with Special Health Services (CSHS) 1994-2012
View Details  North Dakota Immunization Information SystemNDIISStatewide population based immunization registryMedical ServicesImmunization Program 1996-2012
View Details  North Dakota School Immunization Survey Populated with self reported immunization coverage level from annual school immunization survey.Medical ServicesImmunization Program 2004-2011
View Details  North Dakota State Online Ambulance ReportingSOARAll dispatches and patient encounters by ground and air ambulance services. Also, ALS Quick Response Units. Emergency PreparednessDivision of EMS and Trauma 2005-2012
View Details  North Dakota State Trauma Registry The trauma registry collects patient specific data on records meeting the inclusion criteria. Data began being collected in the early 90's but meaningful statewide data wasn't present until 2008.Emergency PreparednessDivision of EMS and Trauma 2008-2012
View Details  North Dakota Statewide Cancer RegistryNDSCRCollect cancer diagnosis dataCommunity HealthNorth Dakota Statewide Cancer Registry 1997-2012
View Details  North Dakota Youth Tobacco SurveyYTSSurvey of ND high school and middle school students' beliefs, attitudes, and use of tobacco.Community HealthTobacco Prevention and Control 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009
View Details  Nurse Aid Registry Approximately 43,000 names or which 23,000. All either certified Nurse Aids or non-certified aid, home health aid or medication aid Health ResourcesLong Term Care 1990-2011
View Details  Optimal Pregnancy Outcome ProgramOPOPFive OPOP sites, keeps client information on education, risk factors, services, referrals made, birth outcomes Community HealthFamily Health 2007-2013
View Details  Pediatric Nutrition Surveillance System PedNSSWIC data by data extraction for chidlren age birth to 5 years, organized by geographic identifiers with national comparisons. Multiple nutritional and antropometric measures.Community HealthNutrition and Physical Activity 2003-2011
View Details  Poison Control Data derived from all calls to Minnesota poison control which has the current contract with NDDoH. Data if available by request. Community HealthInjury Prevention and Control 2006-2012
View Details  Pregnancy Nutrition Surveillance System PNSSDerived from WIC data covering pregnancy related medical care, prenatal care, nutrition, birth outcome, maternal risk factors Community HealthNutrition and Physical Activity 2002-2011
View Details  Secondhand Smoke Study of North DakotaSHS Study of NDSurvey results concerning North Dakota adults' beliefs and attitudes about secondhand smoke and other tobacco-related issues.Community HealthTobacco Prevention and Control 2010
View Details  Sudden Infant Death SIDSRecord of cases identified to this agency derived from police report and autopsy report Community HealthSIDS Management 2001-2012
View Details  Women, Infant and Children WIC Pregnancy outcomes,risks and healthcare, nutritional measures, anthropometric data, program management data Community HealthNutrition and Physical Activity 2006-2012
View Details  Youth Risk Behavior SurveyYRBSSurvey of ND high school and middle school students' beliefs, attitudes, and behviors regarding various health and social risk factors.NoneNorth Dakota Dept. of Public Instruction 1992, 1995, 1999, 2001, 2003, 2005, 2007, 2009, 2011