Facility Inspections

Inspections are conducted to determine compliance with permit conditions during construction and operational phases of various facilities. Inspections are normally coordinated and announced before hand. On occasion, an inspection may be conducted unannounced.

Questions may be addressed to the Department at 701.328.5188, or email Keith Hinnenkamp (khinnenk@nd.gov).

What is in an inspection?

An inspection is an on-site review of a facility for compliance with state and federal air pollution control rules. During an inspection, Department inspectors will review current permits conditions for applicability, review documentation for in-house monitoring of processes and air pollution control equipment, review other operational data, and verify equipment status.

What happens if a violation is found during an inspection?

If a violation or suspected violation is found, the inspector will inform a company representative of the problem while on site. The Department may follow-up with an enforcement action to ensure the non-compliance matter is corrected.


Minimum Frequency

Most major (Title V) sources are inspected annually. Minor sources with air pollution control equipment are normally inspected on a 2-year cycle. However, inspections may be conducted at any time by Department personnel.


If you believe that a violation of North Dakota and/or Federal air pollution control rules has occurred, a complaint may be filed with the Department. To file a complaint, please use the include the information requested here.

Last Updated: 06/04/2015

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