Underground Storage Tank Program

The Underground Storage Tank (UST) Program works with owners and operators of underground storage tanks to ensure that the compliance, leak detection, new installations, upgrades and tank closures are completed in accordance with North Dakota's Underground Storage Tank Rules. The rules are available on our website or purchasable from the Division Of Waste Management.

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The UST program also works with leaking underground storage tanks (LUST). The LUST program uses Federal funds to conduct investigations and remediation activities at LUST sites where the owner/operator is unable or unwilling to pay for these activities. The funds used in LUST contracts are cost recoverable.

When owners and operators of underground storage tanks show a history of violations and refusal to comply with North Dakota's Underground Storage Tank Rules enforcement will be escalated to notification and the placement of a physical tag on tank fill pipes. This tag will inform suppliers of the illegality of placing product into the tank.

The UST Program maintains a UST registry.  Owners/operators of tanks regulated under the UST program are required to notify the Division and register their tanks. The UST list does not distinguish between Aboveground (AST) or Underground Storage Tank systems. The UST Proram also maintains a LUST registry. The LUST registry includes any site which has had a reported release. The registries are compiled in a database and can be viewed on-line. Reports are available in the following formats: Excel, Adobe and Word, but Excel or Adobe are recommended (fastest).  Reports provide ownership, addresses, location, status et cetera.  The reports can be downloaded and viewed on-line or printed from the following links. Note that the UST database is very large. For more information or questions concerning the UST/LUST database contact Carl Ness by e-mail.

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Underground Storage Tank Program Publications

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Updated: 21 Aug. 2015