Environmental Records Requests

The Environmental Health Section (EHS) receives requests from consultants, lenders, government entities and individuals requesting information for property sites or other environmental interests. The EHS looks through our databases and files for known or reported regulated events at a specified property or area. The record search contains no evaluation of the potential environmental impact to the site, nor does any EHS response constitute a Phase I Environmental Assessment of the property. Further, the absence of information on a particular parcel or property does not necessarily mean that there are no environmental concerns connected with the property.

The more information provided about the site in question, the quicker and more complete the records search will be. Not all files and databases contain or are searchable by geospatial data, especially older records, so information about current and former site ownership, facility name, and property use is necessary to perform a complete search. A map and/or aerial photo showing the location of the site in question is extremely beneficial (recent address searches on Google Maps and Bing Maps have shown locations to be up to 3/4 mile apart for the same address). When making an environmental record request, please provide as much of the following information as possible:

  • Site name or present company or business name
  • Historical site name, company or business names
  • Property owner if not the company or business on-site
  • Present and historical use of the property
  • Street address, city and county of the property
  • Township, Range and Section if the request includes environmental incidents - find here: ND Geographic Information System
  • A lat/long coordinate (if the request includes LUST or UST, check UST and LUST online listings first)
  • Map and/or aerial photo showing location of property
  • Radius of search area
  • Type of environmental information requested

Please note: requests that contain only a location street address are insufficient to perform an adequate search, and will be returned to the sender.

The following links will provide records without filing a records request:

The following relate to the Institutional Controls document above:

These links will provide additional state agency information which may be helpful in your records request:

Records may be requested by contacting the department during normal business hours. Although not required, the Department asks that requesters complete the Environmental Records Request Form (below) and submit it to the EHS by mail, e-mail, or fax.

North Dakota Department of Health
Environmental Health Section, Chief's Office
918 E. Divide Ave., 4th Floor
Bismarck, ND 58501-1947
E-mail: ehsopenrecords@nd.gov (Please do not change the beginning of the subject line - add to the end only)
Fax: 701.328.5200

Interested parties wishing to review files may also do so in person during normal working hours. No appointment is necessary but it is helpful if you contact the department in advance to coordinate your review. Please contact the department at 701.328.5151.

Searches that include a large number of pages to be copied or scanned and more than one hour of staff time are subject to fees. Fees are shown on the Open Records Invoice form below. When requesting records, please indicate the fee limit you will accept. The department estimates that your request may take approximately two weeks to complete. The more complicated or voluminous the request, the longer it will take.

The North Dakota Pollutant Discharge Elimination System (NDPDES) has a separate form. Please fill out a form of each kind if you would like other records in addition to NDPDES.

Environmental Records Request form (fillable pdf) Form Help

NDPDES Records Request form

Open Records Invoice form

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Updated: 21 Dec. 2017