Frequently Asked Questions about WIC

Q. What kind of health check does WIC do?

A. At your WIC appointment the WIC staff will weigh and measure you (or your child if they are applying), check the hemoglobin (the finger stick test for iron in your blood), ask questions on your (or your child's) health and about what you (or your child) eat.


Q. Do I need an appointment?

A. An appointment is best. WIC staff try to make your time in the WIC office as short as possible. By setting up an appointment they will be able to get you in and out as quickly as possible.


Q. Can I bring my kids to the appointment?

A. At certification appointments you are required to bring your child to the appointment. At other times you may bring them along or you may find it easier to visit with the nutritionist if you leave them with a caretaker.


Q. How long do the appointments take?

A. The first appointment will take longer - usually 30 to 40 minutes, because everything is new. After that, your monthly appointment with the nutritionist will take about 20 minutes. Every six months to a year, you will need another 20 - 30 minute appointment time to reconfirm program eligibility.


Q. Do I automatically qualify if I'm on SNAP (Food Stamps) or Medicaid?

A. Yes, you meet the WIC income requirements, since these programs have stricter income limits. But you still need to have a nutritional risk fully qualify.


Q. If I am not a citizen of the U.S., can I get WIC?

A. Yes, WIC does not require proof of citizenship or alien status and participation in WIC will not affect your immigration or naturalization status.


Q. If I am working, can I still qualify for WIC?

A. Yes! Many working families qualify for WIC. Because WIC is a health program its income requirements are more generous than other programs (see income guidelines).


Q. How do I use the WIC check?

A. The WIC staff will explain how to cash your WIC check at your community grocery store. They will also provide you with a list of the foods that you can buy. WIC also trains the store staff, so if you have questions, they can help you too.


Q. If I live with my boyfriend, does that disqualify me from WIC?

A. WIC looks at the household income to see if you are eligible. If you are living with someone, WIC needs to include their income when determining your eligibility. If you have questions, call your local WIC office.


Q. How many check stubs do I need to bring to prove my income?

A. It depends on things like whether your income changed recently or if you earn a regular amount each pay period. The best thing to do is ask the WIC staff when you make your appointment.


Q. Does child support count as income?

A. Yes, child support counts as income for the household receiving the support. But it is not deducted from the household making the payment.


Q. Will participation affect my income taxes?

A. No, WIC participation will not affect your taxes.