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WIC is a program for pregnant and breastfeeding women, infants, and children younger than 5 and is available in all counties in North Dakota. WIC offers healthy food for proper growth and development and helps families choose healthier ways of eating.


What is WIC?


WIC is a federal nutrition program that gives you:

  • nutrition information, counseling and support

  • breastfeeding information and support

  • nutritious foods

  • health screenings

  • referrals to other services

To be eligible for WIC,


1. You must be a:

  • pregnant woman;

  • breastfeeding woman (up to one year after giving birth)

  • new mother (up to six months after giving birth)

  • parent, guardian or caretaker who has an infant or child younger than 5 years of age



2. You must have a nutritional health risk. The WIC Staff will be able to find a risk by checking your height, weight and iron level and having you answer some health and diet questions.




3. Your annual household income must be within WIC Guidelines (see below) which are based on gross income unless you are self-employed. Note: You may have a job and still meet these guidelines.


WIC Prescreening Tool


North Dakota WIC Income Eligibility Guidelines



  185% Poverty Level

Household Size

  Annual    Monthly 


1 21,590 1,800 416
2 29,101 2,426 560
3 36,612 3,051 705
4 44,123 3,677 849
5 51,634 4,303 993
6 59,145 4,929 1,138
For each additional household member add: 7,511 626 145

Frequently Requested



WIC is an equal opportunity provider.