Suicide Prevention Gatekeeper Training

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The following are ND trainers of endorsed evidence-based suicide prevention gatekeeper trainings. Contact the trainer nearest you to inquire about availability and cost of your chosen training.

About the Trainings:

SafeTALK: 3 hour training in identifying those at risk of suicide and taking action to connect a suicidal person to emergency care or a mental health professional.

ASIST: the most widely used suicide prevention training. It is a two day long training in helping those identified at risk of suicide access the help they need.

QPR (Question Persuade Refer): 2 hour training on the signs and symptoms of suicide and connecting a suicidal person to the care they need.

CALM (Counseling on Access to Lethal Means): 2 hour long training on identifying those at risk for suicide and effectively encouraging persons at risk of suicide to give dangerous medications and firearms to law enforcement or a trusted person in their life until they feel better.