About Us

The Suicide Prevention Program resides within the Division of Injury Prevention and Control at the North Dakota Department of Health.

The Division of Injury Prevention and Control is dedicated to reducing injuries to North Dakotans through leadership, education, resources and policy.

The Suicide Prevention Program completed a federal grant, the Garrett Lee Smith Grant (GLS), in 2011. Funds from the GLS grant were limited to ages 10 to 24. Six youth suicide prevention programs were funded during this time period:

In 2009 the Suicide Prevention Program applied for another GLS grant, but due to the highly competitive nature federal funds were not awarded.

In 2011 the North Dakota State Legislature appropriated funds to the Suicide Prevention Program out of general funds, allowing the program to focus across the lifespan  for all races of North Dakotans.

A continued focus of the Suicide Prevention Program is education of warning signs and symptoms of suicide and how to get help for people who may be suicidal, developing a systems approach to suicide prevention within organizations, and affecting suicide prevention policy.