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Murray Sagsveen

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State Health Council

Advisory Council

Mission Statement

Vital Signs

Vital Signs

Vital Signs

Resident Live Births.North Dakota ~ 1980 - 1998

Urban-Rural Population Distribution.North Dakota, 1900-1996

Population Distribution .North Dakota 1960-1990

Expenditures by Section.July 1, 1995 through June 30, 1997

Sections of the.North Dakota Department of Health

Administrative Services Section

Office of Statistical Services:

The Crime Lab Division is responding to the growing problem of illegal drug use.

Preventive Health Section

The Maternal and Child Health Division works to improve the health of:

The Disease Control Division deals with:

The Health Promotion and Education Division educates North Dakotans about:

The Food and Lodging Division protects public health through licensure and inspection of:

The Microbiology Division provides diagnostic and referral services:

Local Public Health Units

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Environmental Health Section

EHS issues environmental permits for:

Other EHS Programs

Chemistry Lab

.The Division of Health Facilities works to: .

The Division of Health Facilities monitors:

Emergency Health Services

Current Issues

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Total Population.North Dakota ~ 1970 - 1998

Population Age 65 and Over.North Dakota ~ 1970 - 1990

Population Age 65 and Over.North Dakota Vs United States

Coronary Heart Disease.1980 - 1996

Lung Cancer.1980 - 1996

Diabetes Death Rate*.All Races

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Diabetes.Risk Factors for Diabetes

North Dakota Community Hospitals.Admissions: 1980-1993

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Nursing Facility Residents by Age.ND vs US ~ 1995

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Department of Health General Fund 1987 to 2001

General Funding for Key Programs

Summary of FTEs .1987 to 2001

Register of Deeds Mitigation Project

General Funds Local Health Units

Comparison of General Funds.1991-1993 through 1999-2001 Biennia

Author: Murray Sagsveen

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