Fact Sheets and Brochures

Fact Sheets

Community Water Fluoridation
CSH - Oral Health Fact Sheet
Dental Sealants
Dental Sealants (a fact sheet for parents)
Directory of Dental Access Programs
Fluoride Facts for Parents
Fluoride Varnish: Parent Information
Fluoride Varnish (a fact sheet for parents)
North Dakota Oral Cancer Facts (2007)  
Oral Health and Diabetes  
Oral Health Facts Summary  
Oral Health for Children with Special Health Care Needs
Oral Health Program Accomplishments - 2008-2009  
Oral Health Program Accomplishments - 2010-2011  
Oral Health Program Accomplishments - 2012-2013  
Prevention Programs  
Programs and Services

Tips for Healthy Teeth:  Birth to 6 Months
Tips for Healthy Teeth:  6 Months to 12 Months
Tips for Healthy Teeth:  12 Months to 36 Months

Tips for Healthy Teeth:  3 Years to 5 Years

Tips for Healthy Teeth:  5 Years to 10 Years

Tips for Healthy Teeth:  10 Years to 21 Years
Tooth and Gum Care During Pregnancy
Trends in Youth Oral Health


Dental Care for Your Child  
Fluoride Varnish:  Protect Your Child's Smile
Healthy Smiles: Tips to Keep You and Your Baby's Teeth and Gums Healthy  
Oral Cancer: Are you at risk?