Seven Things Parents Need to Know About Newborn Screening

1. All newborn babies are required by the state of North Dakota to get tested for some rare disorders before they leave the hospital.

2. Babies with these disorders may look healthy at birth.

3. Serious problems can be prevented if we find out about the disorders right away.

4. To do the test, a nurse will take a few drops of blood from your baby's heel.

5. Your baby's health professional and the hospital will get a copy of the test results. Call your baby's health professional if you would like to talk about the results.

6. Some babies will need to be retested. If your baby needs to be retested, you will be notified. It is very important to get retested quickly. Be sure to leave your contact number with the hospital and/or your primary doctor.

7. If you have further questions, you can call your clinic or the North Dakota Department of Health at 701.328.2493.

Source: The Health Professional's Guide for Brief Prenatal Discussion with Parents

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