Newborn Screening Program

Newborn screening involves lab testing of all newborn infants for certain genetic/metabolic disorders of body chemistry. The tests are considered 'screening tests' only. Screening can indicate the possibility that an infant may be at risk for a disorder included in the testing panel. Additional diagnostic tests are necessary to determine if the infant with an abnormal test actually has a disorder. Early treatment can prevent major complications.


Newborn Screening Conference 2016


Disorders For Which Babies Are Screened


Fact Sheets

Frequently Asked Questions

Request for Return of Dried Blood Spot Card

Newborn Bloodspot Screening Brochure

Newborn Screening Refusal Form

North Dakota Laws

North Dakota Newborn Screening Advisory Committee

Parenting the First Year

Seven Things Parents Need To Know About Newborn Screening

For more information, contact:
Joyal Meyer , Director

Katie Bentz , Nurse Consultant

For emergencies during evenings, weekends and holidays, please call 1.319.356.1616 and page the "Pediatric Geneticist on call."

Or your private physician or health-care provider

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