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Stroke Resources

The following links will connect you to materials that provide information about stroke. Materials include stroke facts, tips on how to recognize the signs and symptoms of stroke, action items on what to do in the event of stroke, and information on ways to reduce the risk of stroke.

Follow the links to view the materials and download a copy. We encourage you to share these materials with your family and friends. All materials are available free of charge and can be distributed, both in print and electronic formats.

View the poster here.

Native American Poster
View this poster here.

The brochure contains information on what a stroke is, the signs and symptoms of stroke, and provides steps you can take to prevent a stroke.
View the brochure here.

View this placemat with word games to get you familiar with the signs and symptoms of stroke.
View the placemat here.

Tent Card
Download this printable tent card and help educate your friends, family, and coworkers about how to recognize a stroke and what steps to take in the event of a stroke.
View the tent card here.

This bookmark is a great resource to keep close at hand to remind you of the need to act fast at the first sign of stroke.
View the bookmark here.

Wallet Card
View this convenient wallet card that reminds you to act FAST at the first sign of stroke.
View the campaign wallet card here.

Stroke Handout
This handout is a great resource which explains what the North Dakota Stroke System of Care is and summarizes the work being done in North Dakota.
View the handout here.

Stroke Quiz
Test your knowledge of stroke signs, risk, and prevention with this stroke resource.
View the Quiz here.

Fact Sheets
Click on the links below to check out the facts sheets that were created as part of this campaign.

Stroke Facts
Learn what a stroke is and brush up on the latest statistics on stroke.
Stroke Fact Sheet

Your Risk of Stroke

Learn about what changes you can make to reduce your risk of stroke.
Your Risk of Stroke Fact Sheet

Know Your Numbers
Learn about how high blood pressure can increase your risk of stroke.
Know Your Numbers Fact Sheet

Women and Stroke
Learn about the additional risk factors that women face in regards to stroke.
Women and Stroke Fact Sheet

Get Your Cholesterol Checked

Learn how you can reduce your risk of stroke by knowing your cholesterol levels.
Cholersterol Fact Sheet

Stroke Prevention
Learn how smoking can increase your risk of stroke.
Prevent Stroke Fact Sheet

Past Campaign Materials

Stroke Call 9-1-1
Stroke Think F-A-S-T
Stroke F-A-S-T Test

These resources are provided for informational purposes only and are not intended to be, or to serve as a substitute for professional medical advice, examination, diagnosis or treatment.
Always talk to your doctor or other qualified healthcare provider about any questions you may have regarding your health or a specific medical condition. In the case of an emergency call 9-1-1.