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Heart Disease & Stroke Advisory Council

Heart Disease and Stroke Advisory Council members: Click here to download meeting materials.


In 2003, the Heart Disease & Stroke Prevention (HDSP) Program began to coordinate efforts to improve cardiovascular health by participating in Healthy North Dakota, a dynamic, statewide partnership that provides the framework to bring together partners and stakeholders to identify common strategies to address health issues.


Through this partnership, single risk factor planning groups in the areas of diabetes, health disparities, physical activity, nutrition, tobacco use, school health and worksite wellness were convened to review statewide surveillance data and to develop strategies for all categorical state plans to incorporate.


The socio-ecological model provided the structure to develop strategies that included policy, environmental supports and system changes to provide reinforcement and opportunities for individual behavior change where people live, work and play.


This process culminated in the fall of 2006 by inviting stakeholder and partner organizations to form a Heart Disease & Stroke Advisory Council. Health systems, community-based organizations, policymakers, businesses, health-care professionals, voluntary non-profit organizations, academics and survivors of major heart events around the state were invited to join this group.


In January 2007, the Heart Disease & Stroke Advisory Council, along with the HDSP staff, set out to develop a comprehensive state plan to improve the cardiovascular health and quality of life for all people living in North Dakota. The group reviewed statewide surveillance data on heart disease, stroke, and related risk factors as well as barriers to care and healthy lifestyles. The group also shared information on programs, resources, and policies that are contributing to healthier behaviors. To avoid duplication of effort, the group carefully considered actions already being taken by other health promotion and chronic disease programs and Healthy North Dakota committees.


The Vision

These discussions inspired a vision for cardiovascular health in North Dakota where:


All residents have community environments that promote and support heart-healthy behaviors and provide access to evidence-based preventive care and cardiovascular disease management from a coordinated team of health-care professionals.


Administrators of the State Plan

A comprehensive, well-directed and coordinated plan to reduce heart disease and stroke as well as its related risk factors was developed by this advisory group.


This group continues to monitor the state plan and accepts leadership for implementation of many of the selected strategies. Through these cooperative and collaborative partnerships, we can significantly improve quality of life and health status for individuals within our state and across the lifespan.