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Female Condom

A female condom is a pouch you insert into your vagina. It does give you more control than a male condom when it comes to preventing STIs. Female condoms work the same way that male condoms do, except that you wear one on the inside instead of sticking it on a penis. They keep the  sperm inside the condom and out of your vagina.


STI protection!
Female condoms protect you from most sexually transmitted infections, including HIV.

Your partner refuses to wear a condom
If your partner won't wear a condom, but you still want protection against STIs, the female condom is an option.

Female condoms take effort and commitment
You have to make sure to use them correctly, every time, no matter what, in order for them to be effective.

No prescription necessary
If you can't make it to the doctor (or don't want to), you can always use a female condom — though they can be a lot harder to find than male condoms.

Good for people with latex allergies
Unlike most male condoms, female condoms are made of polyurethane (plastic) or nitrile (a synthetic rubber), so you can use them even if you're allergic to latex.

Side Effects

There are positive and negative things to say about each and every method. And everyone's different — so what you experience may not be the same as what your friend experiences.

The Positive

  • Helps protect you from STIs
  • No prescription necessary
  • Can be used even if you're allergic to latex
  • Can be used with both oil-based and water-based lubricant
  • Stays in place

The Negative

  • Can cause irritation
  • Some people may be sensitive to certain brands of lubricant (If so, try another brand)
  • Can reduce sensitivity

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