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Not Right Now

“Not right now” is our way of saying abstinence. Sometimes, it can seem like you’re the only one who isn’t having sex, but you’re not alone! There are many people out there who have decided they just aren’t ready. Even if you have had sex before, you can change your mind at any time and decide you want to wait. “Not right now” is a great method as far as effectiveness is concerned. If you use it 100 percent of the time, you’re guaranteed to not get pregnant. Plus, you’ll avoid STIs/HIV. But it does involve a lot of self-control.


It takes discipline
Saying “not right now” only works as a birth control method if you do it consistently, so it takes a lot of self-control.

Good communication skills
You’ll need to be able to tell your partner what’s okay and what’s not, which means you need to be comfortable with speaking your mind.

You’ve got support
If you are in a relationship, your partner has got to be down with the plan.

Side Effects

There are positive and negative things to say about each and every method. And everyone's different, so what you experience may not be the same as what your friend experiences.

The Positive

  • Doesn't cost a thing
  • Never causes side effects

The Negative

  • Can be difficult to maintain

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