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Family Planning Program Television Ad

Watch this video to learn more about the Family Planning Program.

Posted 6/04/14 (Wed) read more »

Are Pap Smears on the Way Out?

Women who want to be screened for cervical cancer have just received a new option; and a new quandary.

Posted 5/12/14 (Mon) read more »

Doctors' Billing System Stays Stuck In the '70s For Now

For doctors, hospitals and insurance companies, all the complexities of medicine get boiled down into a system of codes.

Posted 4/21/14 (Mon) read more »

Long-Lasting Device Protects Against HIV and Pregnancy

Intravaginal ring providing dual protection is first of its kind to enter a clinical trial.

Posted 3/24/14 (Mon) read more »

January Is National Cervical Health Awareness Month

Posted 1/16/14 (Thu) read more »

Five startling facts about pregnancy and abortion in America

The pregnancy rate for American women between 15 and 44 dropped 12 percent between 1990 and 2009, according to a new Center for Disease Control report out today on pregnancy and abortion. In 2009, there were 102.1 pregnancies per 1,000 women, a drop from 115.8 pregnancies per 1,000 women in 1990.

Posted 12/09/13 (Mon) read more »

New Survey Reveals Providers Not Doing Enough to Educate Women on Birth Control Options

The American College of Nurse-Midwives (ACNM) released findings from a survey of over 1,200 women ages 18 to 45, which show that women don't feel confident in their own knowledge about contraception.

Posted 11/04/13 (Mon) read more »

The Long-Term, Extremely Positive Effects Of Birth Control In America

The debate about birth control sometimes misses an essential point; that making it available and affordable meant people could make smarter decisions about whether and when to have children.

Posted 10/21/13 (Mon) read more »

It's Time To Rediscover The IUD, Women's Health Advocates Say

Intrauterine devices are one of the most effect forms of birth control, but are relatively underutilized, at least in the United States.

Posted 10/14/13 (Mon) read more »

Study: Young adults unaware of ObamaCare options

The vast majority of young adults don't know about new insurance exchanges through which they will be able to buy healthcare coverage under ObamaCare, according to research from the Commonwealth Fund.

Posted 8/26/13 (Mon) read more »

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