• Brush teeth twice each day.
  • Use a pea-sized drop of fluoride
    toothpaste after age 2.
  • Visit the dentist for checkups twice each year.
  • Have dental sealants placed as soon as permanent molar teeth come in.
  • Eat healthy foods and limit sugary snacks.

  • Make sure you have a ride.

  • Be on time.

  • Arrive clean and neat, with teeth brushed.

  • Keep your dentist's name and phone number handy.

  • If you must cancel, always call and let the dentist's office know.

  • Bring only the child who has the appointment to the office (if possible).

  • Control your other children in the dental office if you do bring them along.

Healthy teeth:

  • Help your child chew food.
  • Help your child speak clearly.
  • Add to your child's health.
  • Make a great smile!

Regular dental care can keep your child healthy and free of dental pain (toothache).

Do's Before the Visit

  • Do keep from using the dentist as a threat.
  • Do keep from using words such as "hurt, pain or brave" when talking about the visit to the dentist.
  • Do keep from talking to your child about any bad dental visits you may have had.
  • Do tell your child that the dentist is a friend who will help him take care of his teeth. Talk about the visit in a good light. Let the dentist do most of the explaining about what will be done.
  • Do stay in the waiting room if requested to do so.
  • Do tell the dentist about any bad dental visits and/or fears your child has had.
  • Do keep your friends and older brothers and sisters from trying to scare your child about the dentist.
  • Do set a good example by brushing your own teeth twice a day.

A visit to the dentist can be a pleasant experience for your child!

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