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This is the data the ND Department of Health, Environmental Health Section, receives from the Oil and Gas Division whenever an Oilfield Environmental Incident report is filed.
This table contains records for incidents that have occurred over the last 12 months which were not contained, for example, an overflow of the facility boundaries or a leak from a facility pipeline.
Individual reports may be viewed by clicking on the record of interest in the Incident ID column. Individual columns may be sorted by clicking on the header of the column of interest. One barrel = 42 US gallons.

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   Records: 273
Incident IDDate ReportedDate Incident6CountyTwnRngSecWell NameOil VolumeOil UnitsSW VolumeSW UnitsOther VolumeOther UnitsOther ContaminantContained
20180319113030 3/19/20183/18/2018MCKENZIE15209330COBURN USA 41-30TFH15Gallons     No
20180316123218 3/16/20183/15/2018WILLIAMS15609712MILLER 14-12H0Gallons     No
20180316080607 3/16/20183/15/2018WILLIAMS15509602BEAVER LODGE-DEVONIAN UNIT D-307    9GallonsEmulsionNo
20180315131722 3/15/20183/14/2018WILLIAMS15709531PEGGY LEE 31-30H0Gallons     No
20180314094828 3/14/20183/13/2018WILLIAMS15709822WASHBURNE 1-22H2Barrels     No
20180312093015 3/12/20183/11/2018WILLIAMS15510318Ricky 1-18H2Barrels     No
20180311191129 3/11/20183/11/2018MCKENZIE14909615JEROME 1-15H160Barrels    Crude oilNo
20180309171245 3/9/20183/9/2018BILLINGS14110016STATE 2-16 SWD    150Barrels No
20180309122920 3/9/20183/9/2018MOUNTRAIL15009315ARIKARA 15-22HA10Gallons     No
20180309142356 3/9/20183/8/2018MCKENZIE15310133NELSEN STATE 24X-33F20Gallons     No
20180307162357 3/7/20183/7/2018BOTTINEAU15908131LEWIS STEEN 315Barrels100Barrels   No
20180307125010 3/7/20183/6/2018DUNN14709419CCU PACIFIC EXPRESS 12-19 TFH30Barrels30barrels  Oil release on and off locationNo
20180306150538 3/6/20183/6/2018MCKENZIE14809830COLTON 21-30H28Barrels10Barrels  Total of 38.71 bbls leaked from underground treater line. 28.71 bbls of oil and 10 bbls of produced water. No
20180306141759 3/6/20183/6/2018DIVIDE16009535LANDBLOM 3-35H10Gallons5Gallons   No
20180308095020 3/8/20183/6/2018MCKENZIE14909704   10Barrels   No

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