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This is the data the ND Department of Health, Environmental Health Section, receives from the Oil and Gas Division whenever an Oilfield Environmental Incident report is filed.
This table contains records for incidents that have occurred over the last 12 months which were contained within the boundaries of the production or exploration facility.
Individual reports may be viewed by clicking on the record of interest in the Incident ID column. Individual columns may be sorted by clicking on the header of the column of interest. One barrel = 42 US gallons.

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Incident IDDate ReportedDate Incident6CountyTwnRngSecWell NameOil VolumeOil UnitsSW VolumeSW UnitsOther VolumeOther UnitsOther ContaminantContained
20150126114542 1/26/20151/26/2015MCKENZIE15309522SHERVEN TRUST 153-95-27A-7HS  45Barrels   Yes
20150125151755 1/25/20151/25/2015WILLIAMS1561011213 Mile FST5Barrels    Standing meltwater on Facility surface; approx 2-3bbl will also be removed and disposed ofYes
20150126131205 1/26/20151/25/2015MCKENZIE15309626SAND CREEK FEDERAL 153-96-23-14-3H25Barrels     Yes
20150125070511 1/25/20151/24/2015WILLIAMS15809503MERLIN R. JOHNSON 1      None releasedYes
20150123220526 1/23/20151/23/2015DIVIDE16110201BRADLEY ROBERT 1-12H2Barrels20Barrels   Yes
20150123171650 1/23/20151/23/2015MOUNTRAIL15209109VAN HOOK 1-9 SWD15Barrels    Fresh water/snow meltYes
20150123162712 1/23/20151/23/2015MOUNTRAIL15409415HELLING TRUST 11-15H130Barrels60Barrels   Yes
20150123160748 1/23/20151/23/2015WILLIAMS15509829BARNEY 5-29H-25Barrels     Yes
20150123145425 1/23/20151/22/2015RENVILLE15808106Windrel CTB2Barrels     Yes
20150123113053 1/23/20151/22/2015DUNN14809333MOCCASIN CREEK 14-332Barrels8Barrels   Yes
20150123093941 1/23/20151/22/2015MOUNTRAIL15609312HERON 5693 43-12H1Barrels     Yes
20150123064033 1/23/20151/22/2015MCKENZIE15209525HAWKEYE 02-2501H48Barrels     Yes
20150122175345 1/22/20151/22/2015MCKENZIE15110002Hystad SWD 1  62Gallons   Yes
20150122153533 1/22/20151/21/2015WILLIAMS15409508SASS 34X-8E  15Barrels   Yes
20150122095127 1/22/20151/21/2015MCKENZIE15309616SAND CREEK STATE 1-16H40Gallons     Yes

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