Oilfield Environmental Incidents - Older
This is the data the ND Department of Health, Environmental Health Section, receives from the Oil and Gas Division whenever an Oilfield Environmental Incident report is filed.
This table contains records for incidents older than 12 months.
Individual reports may be viewed by clicking on the record of interest in the Incident ID column. Individual columns may be sorted by clicking on the header of the column of interest. One barrel = 42 US gallons.

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   Records: 12,453
Incident IDDate ReportedDate Incident6CountyTwnRngSecWell NameOil VolumeOil UnitsSW VolumeSW UnitsOther VolumeOther UnitsOther ContaminantContained
20150530200822 5/30/20155/29/2015MCKENZIE15209614KEENE HWY 23 UNLOADING STATION190barrels     Yes
20150529162646 5/29/20155/29/2015MCKENZIE15310131SCOTTSDALE 1-31H  77Barrels   Yes
20150529161614 5/29/20155/29/2015WILLIAMS15509532FERGUSON 32-221Barrels     No
20150528114207 5/28/20155/28/2015MOUNTRAIL15009212FBIR 13-24HD1Barrels0Barrels   Yes
20150528112431 5/28/20155/27/2015DUNN14809427FORT BERTHOLD 148-94-27C-22-3H5Gallons     No
20150528075658 5/28/20155/27/2015WILLIAMS15809503MERLIN R. JOHNSON 1  2Barrels   Yes
20150529154518 5/29/20155/27/2015WILLIAMS15409823P WOOD 154-98-16-23-14-1H3  3Barrels   Yes
20150528114705 5/28/20155/27/2015WILLIAMS15409814P-Wood 154-98-16-23 LACT Unit    3BarrelsProduced waterYes
20150526181040 5/26/20155/26/2015MOUNTRAIL15609325BARSTAD SWD 12barrels3barrels   Yes
20150526175111 5/26/20155/26/2015BILLINGS14010027TALKINGTON FEDERAL 11-27PH CTB5barrels     Yes
20150526170005 5/26/20155/26/2015MCKENZIE15309635ARCHES 24-35H1Barrels4Barrels   Yes
20150526165347 5/26/20155/25/2015DUNN14709221CHARGING EAGLE 15-21-16-2H1barrels     Yes
20150528031259 5/28/20155/25/2015MOUNTRAIL15509115ASHTON DAWN SWD 13Barrels5Barrels  noneYes
20150529082504 5/29/20155/25/2015BOWMAN13110517CHSU FED-LARKIN 14-17NHR 15       Yes
20150526153534 5/26/20155/24/2015WILLIAMS15909536CARLSON 2-361barrels8barrels   No

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