Oilfield Environmental Incidents - Older
This is the data the ND Department of Health, Environmental Health Section, receives from the Oil and Gas Division whenever an Oilfield Environmental Incident report is filed.
This table contains records for incidents older than 12 months.
Individual reports may be viewed by clicking on the record of interest in the Incident ID column. Individual columns may be sorted by clicking on the header of the column of interest. One barrel = 42 US gallons.

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   Records: 13,036
Incident IDDate ReportedDate Incident6CountyTwnRngSecWell NameOil VolumeOil UnitsSW VolumeSW UnitsOther VolumeOther UnitsOther ContaminantContained
20151022084704 10/22/201510/21/2015MCKENZIE15110033HOVDE 33-4 1H CTB8Barrels     Yes
20151022080738 10/22/201510/21/2015WILLIAMS15509601BLDU Central Facility  75Barrels   Yes
20151021071227 10/21/201510/20/2015MOUNTRAIL15308919PAUL 1-19H5Barrels     Yes
20151020145102 10/20/201510/20/2015MCKENZIE15310112ACHILLES 5301 41-12B5Gallons8Barrels   Yes
20151022160218 10/22/201510/20/2015MCKENZIE15009518Blu Buttes Compressor Station    20gallonsCondensate liquidYes
20151020105637 10/20/201510/19/2015MOUNTRAIL15009210STATE OF ND 10-3H1Barrels     Yes
20151020102055 10/20/201510/19/2015MCKENZIE14710122BULL MOOSE 22Y-324Barrels     Yes
20151020092914 10/20/201510/19/2015MOUNTRAIL15109331THREE TRIBES 151-94-4HTF  5Barrels   Yes
20151020084328 10/20/201510/19/2015DUNN14709429CCU PLYMOUTH 21-29TFH    20BarrelsWater based drilling mud breached to surface approximately 200' from wellbore.Yes
20151019210127 10/19/201510/19/2015WILLIAMS15610024DOUBLE DOWN 24-13 1H  95Barrels   Yes
20151019160958 10/19/201510/18/2015MOUNTRAIL15209324HOWITZER 2-25H      Possible build up of volatile hydrocarbon vapors.....Yes
20151019093725 10/19/201510/17/2015DIVIDE16110101HALEY MARIE 1-12H90Barrels     Yes
20151019073606 10/19/201510/17/2015MCKENZIE15109934RITA 24X-34E       Yes
20151018170908 10/18/201510/17/2015MOUNTRAIL15409415HELLING TRUST 11-15H2500Barrels2500Barrels  Other is a mix of oil and water. Cwv 10/22/15 updated.No
20151017095244 10/17/201510/16/2015DUNN14809526FORT BERTHOLD 148-95-26B-35-3H2Barrels     No

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