Enterovirus D68 Laboratory Testing

PCR testing for EV-D68 is available to North Dakota clinicians through the North Dakota Department of Health Division of Laboratory Services (DLS) in one of two ways:

  1. As a stand-alone confirmation test on a rhinovirus or enterovirus-positive specimen for a fee of $25.00. Providers must obtain a positive rhinovirus or enterovirus result before requesting this test.
  2. The DLS also offers a respiratory viral panel (RVP). This PCR assay includes markers for influenza, RSV, parainfluenza, human metapneumovirus, rhinovirus, and adenovirus types. The test is available for a fee of $85.00. Rhinovirus positives may be reflexed to the EVD-68 test upon request for no additional fee. Please indicate your interest in EVD-68 testing when ordering an RVP.

All RVP and enterovirus-D68 specimens should be nasopharyngeal swabs placed in viral transport medium and shipped at 2-8°C. Please contact the DLS with questions on specimen collection, shipping and transport at 701.328.6272.

Enterovirus cases are not reportable in North Dakota. However, clusters of severe, unexplained respiratory illness should be reported to the NDDoH Division of Disease Control via phone call (701-328-2378) within 24 hours.