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How to Remove a Tick
  • CLEAN THE SITE with alcohol or another disinfectant before removing the tick.

  • GRASP THE TICK AS CLOSELY TO THE SKIN AS POSSIBLE using a tweezers.  If fingers are used, cover them with a tissue, a paper towel or rubber gloves.

  • PULL UP WITH STEADY, EVEN PRESSURE.  Do not twist or jerk, as this may cause the mouth parts to break off, leaving them and the cement collar in the skin.

  • DO NOT SQUEEZE, CRUSH OR PUNCTURE THE BODY OF THE TICK, as its fluids may contain germs that can cause disease.

  • After removing the tick, thoroughly DISINFECT THE BITE SITE and WASH HANDS WITH SOAP AND WATER.

  • APPLY AN ADHESIVE BANDAGE to prevent infection.

  • GET RID OF TICKS SAFELY by placing them in a container of alcohol or flushing them down the toilet.