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ANNOUNCEMENT: North Dakota Infection Prevention Conference, Save the Date - HIV.STD.TB. Viral Hepatitis Symposium!, 2016 West Nile Virus Summary, Healthcare Associated Hepatitis C Outbreak Final Report now available


Seoul Virus Outbreak in the United States, 2016-17 Seasonal Influenza Update, April is National STDs Awareness Month, Referral for CDC Recommended Screenings and Adult Immunizations for North Dakota Ryan White Clients, New Disease Control Employee!


2017 Disease Control Legislative Update, Increase in Reported Mumps Cases Across the Country, First Reported New Delhi Metallo-beta-lactamase Case in North Dakota, NDDoH Launches Tick Surveillance Program


Minnesota Measles Outbreak Update, HIV Cluster, Syphilis Treatment HAN, NDDoH Using iNaturalist Application to Aid in Summer Tick and Mosquito Surveillance


Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program, NDDoH Contracts for New TB Medication Pharmacy Program, 2016-2017 Seasonal Influenza Update, Syringe Exchange Program - North Dakota Senate Bill 2320


Safety at Summer Events and Fairs, June Advisory Committee on Immunization Practices Update, Food Safety Tips for Summer, Tracy Miller is on the Move!

July- 17

2017 West Nile Virus Update, Yellow Fever Vaccine Update, Increase in Syphilis Cases in ND, NDDoH Tick Surveillance Program and Tickborne Diseases in North Dakota, 2017 North Dakota & Minnesota HIV.STD.TB.Viral Hepatitis Symposium, Changes to North Daktoa Public Health Laboratory

August- 17

Healthcare Providers Asked to Notify Patients about NDDoH Disease Investigations, Updated Zika Testing Guidance for Pregnant Women with Possible Zika Virus Exposure, North Dakota Department of Health Announces Novel Influenza Case, New Disease Control/Microbiology Employee!

September- 17

Raw Milk and Brucellosis, HIV in North Dakota Update, Flu Kickoff, 2017 North Dakota & Minnesota HIV.STD.TB.Viral Hepatits Symposium

October- 17

Increasing Syphilis Infections and Anonymous Contacts in North Dakota, Advice to Health Care Providers Treating Patients with Travel to Hurricane-Affected Areas, October ACIP, New Disease Control Employee

November- 17

Hepatitis A Outbreaks, North Dakota Sees an Increase in the Number of People Living with HIV who are Virally Suppressed, Summary of 2017 North Dakota West Nile Virus Disease Cases, 2017-18 Influenza Season Off to an Early Start


Kingella kingae Cluster, Changes to Mandatory Reportable Conditions, Changes to Child Care and School Immunization Requirements, New Disease Control Employee!