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Unusual Number of Rabies Cases Reported in a North Dakota County, Et tu Syphilis, Influenza Update, Save the Date! HIV/STD/TB/Hepatitis Symposium and Hepatitis C Training Workshop: April 10-12, 2012 and Acute Viral Gastroenteritis Update.


HIV/STD/TB/Hepatitis Symposium and Hepatitis C Training Workshop: April 10-12, 2012, Influenza Update, April is STD Awareness Month, Enhanced Rabies Surveillance in Southwest North Dakota and World Tuberculosis Day. 


May Is Hepatitis Awareness Month, Influenza Update, New Manuals Now Available, Neurosyphilis and The Ticks Have Arrived in North Dakota.


National Recreational Water Illness Prevention Week is May 21-27, 2012, Rabies Update, Immunization Conference 2012, West Nile Virus Season is Approaching, Snap To It! Hantavirus Prevention Tips and Awards of Excellence Recipients at the HIV/STD/TB/Hepatitis Symposium.


Summertime Foodborne Illness, Tularemia Reported in North Dakota, Managing a Possible Rabies Exposure and New Disease Control Employee. 


Importance of Following Rabies Recommendations, West Nile Virus Update, Influenza Incidence Surveillance Project (IISP) and Pertussis Cases Reported in North Dakota.


Increase in Tularemia Cases in North Dakota, West Nile Virus Update and Foodborne Outbreak in a North Dakota Hospital. 


All Baby Boomers are Recommended to be Screened for Hepatitis C, Three Cases of Post-Diarrheal Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome, West Nile Virus Update, World Rabies Day is September 28, 2012 and Influenza A H3N2 Variant Viruses (H3N2v).


Rehabilitating Wild Animals = Risk for Rabies, Immunization Clinics, Pertussis Cases Reported in North Dakota, Timely Response to Blood or Bodily Fluid Exposures and West Nile Virus Update.


Out with the Old, In with the New, On the Move!, Who you gonna call? and Wait? Huh? Who's doing what now?


Tuberculosis Outbreak, Influenza Update, Acute Viral Gastroenteritis Activity Update and Be Smart About Food Safety.


Influenza Update, Tuberculosis Update, New Disease Control Employee, Salmonella Typhi Case Reported in North Dakota and Pertussis Cases Reported in North Dakota.