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Acute Viral Gastroenteritis Activity Update, Influenza Update, Updates to the Morbidity Report Card, Tuberculosis Found in Leg and New Disease Control Employee.  


Influenza Update, New Pertussis Diagnostic Testing Tutorial, Reporting Pregnancy in HIV-Positive Women, April is STD Awareness Month and New Disease Control Employee!


Influenza Update, National Infant Immunization Week Urges Parents to Vaccinate, Measles Outbreak in Hennepin County, Minnesota, Haemophilus Influenzae Type B and Rabies Surveillance - Variant Typing. 


Tick Surveillance In North Dakota, FINALLY! Shed the Snow Boots, Summer is Just Around the Corner, Gastrointestinal Illnesses in the Summer Season, National Recreational Water Illness Prevention Week Is May 23-29, 2011 and Know Your Risk Website - NEW!!.


Flooding: It's Important to take Precautions!, Flood Surveillance, Outbreak of Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli in Germany, North Dakota has Water and Mosquitoes - Will Human WNV Cases be Flooding in as Well? and Summertime Foodborne Illness.  


Tularemia in North Dakota, Measles Update, To Report or Not to Report: Is that the Question?, July 28, 2011, is World Hepatitis Day and West Nile Virus Update.


Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever - Two Cases Reported to the NDDoH, Healthcare-Associated Infections Website-NEW!, Meaningful Use and West Nile Virus Update.


Expedited Partner Therapy (EPT): A recommended treatment option for STD partner services in North Dakota, Anthrax - Human Case, School Immunization Requirements, Respiratory Illness at a North Dakota Long Term Care Facility, Bats and Rabies and West Nile Virus Update.


Influenza Surveillance and Vaccine Update, Investigation of Listeria Case Linked to Cantaloupes, Hepatitis A Case Investigations in North Dakota and Infection Prevention Week - October 17-21, 2011. 


Be Food Safe During the Holiday Season, Influenza Update-National Influenza Vaccination Week, Provisional CRE/KPC Data for 2011, First Norovirus Outbreak of the Season Reported and Recommendations for Pertussis Testing. 


It is Soft, Furry and Cute - at the Same Time a Serious Health Risk, Disease Reporting Among Non-resident North Dakotans, Influenza and Respiratory Panels, Having Delicious and Safe Holiday Meals and New Disease Control Employee!


Reports of Novel Influenza A (H3N2) in the United States, Foodborne Outbreak at a County Jail in North Dakota, Save the Date! HIV/STD/TB/Hepatitis Symposium and Hepatitis C Training Workshop: April 10 - 12, 2012, Coming in 2012.....New Educational Resources! and Mosquito Control Assistance for Small Communities.