Pump Handle

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Avian Influenza: Contain, Strengthen and Protect, Influenza A Fuijan Strain confirmed in North Dakota and Chickenpox reporting requirements


Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza(H5N2) in Texas, DREAMS for North Dakota, Prevnar Shortage, and Flu Vaccine 2004-2005


National Public Health Week: April 5 - 11, West Nile Virus - Preparing for another season and New! Epidemiology Report in Electronic format.


SARS in China, Pertussis contacts traced across four Counties, Reptile-Associated Salmonellosis and Gonorrhea spread among College Students.


Identifying Foodborne Illness, Hantavirus, May is National Hepatitis Month and Reporting Requirements.


West Nile Virus Surveillance, Online Tuberculin skin test reporting, Campylobacter and Calving Season and Recommendations for Rabies exposures.


Pertussis Update, West Nile Virus Surveillance and Chlamydia on the rise in North Dakota.


Influenza Sentinel Provider Surveillance, Pertussis update and Wes Nile Virus Surveillance


Influenza Vaccine Shortage, Opt-Out Prenatal HIV Testing, Meet the new Field Epidemiologist, Viral Hepatitis Coordinator, Prevention and Control of Antibiotic-Resistance Organisms and Anniversary of the Pump Handle.


Influenza Antiviral Medications: Interim Guidelines, Reporting Hospitalized Chickenpox Cases, Rabid Puppies sold in Minnesota and North Dakota, Hand, Food and Mouth Disease, not Foot and Mouth Disease; and Salmonella in the Pet Store.


Influenza Update, Reporting Hospitalized Pediatric Influenza cases and Tuberculosis web course.


Influenza update, Hepatitis C Public Health Needs Assesment, Holiday Season Foodborne Outbreaks and Syphilis treatment warning.