Cancer Projects in ND

ND Comprehensive Cancer Control Sub-contract Program

2017-2018 Request for Proposals
Application Deadline: 12pm CDT, September 8, 2017

Proposed activities must take place within the grant period (November 2017 – June 2018) but are not required to extend throughout the entire 9-month period. Applicants may request up to a $7,000 grant proposal budget. The number of projects that will be funded is dependent on funding and budgets requested.

Priority topics in 2017-2018 include:

1. Worksite Wellness Programs
2. HPV Prevention
3. Increasing Cancer Screening
4. Increasing physical activity for children, college students, and adults
5. Survivorship

Request for Proposal
Application Form

Schedule Date
Request for grant proposal released Week of August 14, 2017
Notice of intent – required (via e-mail) 12:00 (noon) CDT, August 23, 2017
Last day to request technical assistance with grant proposal from NDCCCP staff September 1 at close of business
Proposal submission deadline 12:00 (noon) CDT, September 8, 2017
Notice of grant award issued (via e-mail) Week of September 18, 2017
The North Dakota Comprehensive Cancer Program supports the North Dakota Colorectal Cancer Screening Initiative and works closely with the North Dakota Chronic Disease Division on cross-cutting activities.
The Comprehensive Cancer Control Program also utilizes a portion of their annual budget to offer subcontracts for local implementation of the cancer plan priorities and activities. For the last 2 years and current funding year the program has partnered with the ND Chronic Disease Division and the Suicide Prevention Program to supply additional funding for more of the subcontract projects where interests are aligned.