Become an Infant Friendly Workplace

An Infant Friendly Workplace is a designation for workplaces who adopt breastfeeding support policies. To receive the designation, businesses must first create a formal policy and then fill out an online application


Breastfeeding Support Policy Requirements

A formal policy for breastfeeding support must address 5 areas: adequate time, appropriate space, clean water, storage options, and support.  Click here for a Sample Workplace Policy template or contact


Adequate Time

Breaks throughout the workday help the mother to stay on a breastfeeding schedule. The frequency and duration of pumping sessions will vary by mother and length of time breastfeeding. Check out these time solutions as you are working to establish your policy.







Appropriate Space

Lactation rooms are a private space (other than a bathroom) that can be used to express milk. Businesses are not required to have specific rooms designated only for pumping, however it is encouraged. Click here for tips on selecting a location and determining the appropriate amount of space. If permanent space is not available check out these creative room solutions.







Clean Water

Provide access to a clean water source for washing hands and cleaning pump equipment.








Provide options for storage of breastmilk, with either a refrigerator or allowing the employee to bring a personal cooler.






All staff must be educated and aware of the company’s workplace breastfeeding policy.


Both babies and mothers gain many benefits from breastfeeding