For Employers

Thank you for your interest in supporting breastfeeding at your workplace! Employers who support breastfeeding benefit in these ways:

  • Reduced staff turnover.
  • Reduced sick time.
  • Lower insurance and health-care costs.
  • Higher job productivity, employee satisfaction and morale.
  • Added recruitment incentive for women.

Show your support for breastfeeding by becoming a North Dakota Infant Friendly Worksite.  You can complete the Infant Friendly Worksite Application online.

Download a copy of our Model Worksite Policy and see if your business has what it takes! 

See the Sample Breastfeeding Policy for Child Care Programs which provides an outline for policy developement for practices supportive of breastfeeding. 


In 2009, the North Dakota Legislature passed legislation to protect a woman’s right to breastfeed her child in any location, public or private, where the woman and child are otherwise authorized to be. This legislation also establishes an "infant-friendly" designation for workplaces that adopt breastfeeding support policies. The breastfeeding support policies include:

  • Allowing flexible break times for expression of milk. 
  • Providing a clean, private space (not a toilet stall or restroom) for pumping/nursing. 
  • Access to a clean water source for washing hands and cleaning breast pump equipment.  
  • Providing a place for storing breastmilk (such as a refrigerator, etc.).

To read the text of the legislation, go to North Dakota SB 2344.

 Employer Resources

Employers Share Experiences and Support for Breastfeeding

An employer and a breastfeeding employee share their story about how and why they made their workplace supportive of breastfeeding. To view more videos from the Colorado Breastfeeding Coalition, visit their YouTube channel.  

Room needs for a breastfeeding mother returning to work
The needs of a mother who wishes to breastfeed upon returning to work can be easily met. A mother needs a quiet, private space with access to an electrical plug-in and some space for a cooler or a refrigerator. Working together with mothers, you can help create a healthy workforce now and a healthier workforce for the future. 

Both babies and mothers gain many benefits from breastfeeding