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Dave Stradinger, Environmental Scientist
Karen Diebert, Environmental Scientist
Dale Patrick, MS, Manager

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TENORM is an acronym for Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material.

Rocks and soil contain natural radioactivity. When resources are extracted from the earth, the natural radioactive material comes with those resources. In processing the desired resource, the radioactive material is removed and becomes a waste. The radioactive wastes from extraction and processing are called 'Technologically Enhanced Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material' (TENORM) because human activity has concentrated the radioactivity or increased the likelihood of exposure by making the radioactive material more accessible to human contact.

The most common naturally occuring radioactive elements are uranium, thorium, radium, and radon. Common sources of TENORM waste are mining, mineral processing, oil and gas production, and drinking water and wastewater treatment. TENORM wastes are not specifically regulated by EPA nor NRC. As a result, the responsibility for regulating TENORM disposal falls to states.

For questions on NORM or TENORM, please contact us.

Approved TENORM Testing Facilities

Approved analytical methods (Ra-226 and Ra-228)
   1.  HASL-300
   2.  EPA 901.1M (modified for solids)

   3.  Gamma Spectroscopy (utilizing 186 keV peak with 0.571 correction factor)

Outreach Laboratory
311 N Aspen Ave
Broken Arrow, OK  74012
Phone: (918) 251-2515
Fax:    (918) 251-0008
Terry Romanko
13715 Rider Trail North
Earth City, MO  63045
Phone:  (314) 298-8566
Fax:     (314) 298-8757
ARS International
2609 North River Road
Port Allen, LA  70767
Phone:  (225) 381-2991
Toll Free: (800) 401-4277
Fax:     (225) 381-2996

Inter-Mountain Labs
1673 Terra Avenue
Sheridan, WY  82801
Phone:  (307) 672-8945
Fax:     (307) 672-6053
Pace  Analytical
602 South 25th Street
Billings, MT  59101
Phone:  (406) 254-7226
1700 Elm St., Ste #200
Minneapolis, MN  55405
Phone:  (612) 607-1700

ALS Environmental
225 Commerce Drive
Fort Collins, CO  80524
Phone:  (970) 490-1511
Fax:     (970) 490-1522
Energy Laboratories, Inc
Rob Waldrop, Supervisor of Radiochemistry
2393 Salt Creek Hwy
P.O. Box 247
Casper, WY  82602
GEL Laboratories, LLC
2040 Savage Road
Charleston, SC  29407
Phone:   (843) 556-8171
Fax:     (843) - 766-1178

Bob Seyer, Program Manager
Email:   bgs@gel.com
Phone:  (865) 599-1175
1206 Meredith Drive
Bismarck, ND  58501
Phone:  (800) 446-0971


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