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Mosquito Life Cycle

Adult female mosquitoes can lay her eggs one at a time or in a grouping called a raft on the water every 10 to 14 days. Within two days, the eggs hatch into larvae. During the final underwater stage of development, lasting between 4 and 14 days, the larvae develop into pupae. Within four days the pupae emerge as adult mosquitoes. The adult mosquito must rest on the water surface after emerging in order to allow its wings to dry and its body to harden.

The length of the mosquitos life cycle depends on temperature and species characteristics. For instance, the mosquito Culex tarsalis , which is common in North Dakota, might go through its life cycle in 14 days at 70 degrees F and take only 10 days at 80 degrees. Some species have adapted to go through their life cycle in as little as four days, where as other species take as long as one month.

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