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Instructions for Shipping Dead Birds

Items in cooler:

Gloves Self-addressed stamped envelope
West Nile virus (WNV) Dead Bird Reporting and Submission Form Mailing label to NDSU-VDL
Guidelines for Handling/Shipping Dead Birds Absorbent cloths
Black magic marker Fed-Ex form
Zipper-close plastic bags Small manila envelope
Ice packs (please put in freezer upon receipt of the coolers)  

1. Use the enclosed gloves to collect and double-bag the dead bird. Please refer to our Dead Bird Handling Instructions for step-by-step instructions on how to safely collect the dead bird.

2. Wash your hands with soap and water.

3. Complete the entire WNV Dead Bird Reporting and Submission Form. The following information must be included:

NOTE: Keep the bird refrigerated until it is shipped for testing. If the bird is unable to be shipped within 24 hours, the bird should be frozen.

4. Place the top copy (white) of the WNV Dead Bird Reporting and Submission Form in the manila envelope and send with the bird to the NDSU Veterinary Diagnostic Laboratory (NDSU-VDL). Use the self-addressed stamped envelope and send the middle (yellow) copy to the ND Department of Health. Please keep the bottom copy (pink) for your records.

5. Call SPEE-DEE at 1.800.862.5578, and ask for their on-call service. This summer the Health Department will be utilizing SPEE-DEE delivery service as our primary carrier of bird specimens to NDSU in Fargo. The phone attendant will take your address and schedule a pick-up for your cooler the next business day. There are no forms enclosed for SPEE-DEE.

6. Day of pick-up: Pack the bird in the cooler along with the frozen ice packs. Fill up the remaining space in the cooler by using the absorbent cloths and newspaper; this will keep the bird from shifting during transport. Place the manila envelope with the NDSU-VDL paperwork in the cooler on top of the newspaper and seal the cooler and then the shipping box shut. Place the mailing label to NDSU-VDL on the outside of the shipping box.

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