Guidelines for Reporting Suspected Foodborne Illness

If an individual is suspected of having a foodborne illness, the health care provider should:

  1. Collect human samples for laboratory analysis:

    If suspected food item(s) are available, instruct the individual not to ingest or discard food, but to keep refrigerated. Arrangements will be made to collect and analyze the food samples pending further investigation.

    Questions regarding sample collecting/laboratory testing may be directed to the Division of Microbiology @ 701-328-5262.

  2. Query whether there are other ill persons.*

  3. Contact the Division of Disease Control, North Dakota Department of Health (NDDH)

    Tel 800-472-2180 or 328-2378.

    Please provide the following information:

  4. The Division of Disease Control will notify appropriate local health department.

  5. Additional assistance is available from:

*Definition of Foodborne Outbreak:

2 or more persons experience a similar illness after ingestion of a common food


1 case of botulism or chemical poisoning


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