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Edward T. Schafer

State Health Officer
Jon R. Rice, M.D.

Produced by the North Dakota Department of Health
Editor: Alana Knudson-Buresh
Graphics: Leona Kuntz
Published: May 1996

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Selected Health Indicators in North Dakota

May 1996

The North Dakota Department of Health has worked to develop systems of data collection that support its public health role. This report is the first of a progressive series aimed at empowering the public and decision makers in their quest to improve the health of North Dakota's citizens.

The indicators in this report primarily address the question: How healthy are we? More than 100 health indicators were examined. The indicators reported were selected because they include a broad range of conditions with many different causes, prevention strategies, and treatment methods. Goals from Healthy People 2000 are included to compare North Dakota's progress with the nation.

Information pertaining to the expenditures of health care services is presented to provide an indication of what North Dakota spends on health care services. Expenditures for health care services have historically reflected "illness" care in which the patient sought care after he or she developed an illness. Today's health care providers are promoting the use of "health" care that includes an emphasis on preventive services such as mammograms and blood pressure screenings. The citizens of North Dakota will benefit from this trend in the long term.

We hope that people who are interested in public health will use the data in this report to improve public health services for the people of North Dakota. Strengthening public health entails a joint effort between the public and private sectors. The Department is committed to fostering a public/private link in all public health efforts from data collection to program development. We express our great appreciation to all those who contributed to the publication of this report.

We continue to strive for a public health community that clearly assesses the needs of North Dakota's citizens, designs and develops policies to deal with those needs, and ensures that solutions achieve their desired ends. It is our goal that all of North Dakota's citizens be healthy by the year 2000!


Jon R. Rice, M.D.
State Health Officer

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