Immunization Program Quarterly Newsletters

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(NDIIS Updates, Zoster Vaccine Uptake in North Dakota, Biling and Insurance Coverage for Shingrix, Shingrix Q&A, Meningococcal Tabletop and Mass Vaccination Exercise, Meningococcal Booster School Requirement Reminder, 2018 Immunization Schedules, Adult Immunization Funding Opportunity Announcement, Influenza Vaccine Data Entry in NDIIS, Interim Flu Vaccine Efficacy, 2017 Vaccine Preventable Diseases Data, VIS Dates, Vaccine Transport and Off-Site Storage, February ACIP Update, Hepatitis B Vaccine Intermittent Storage, High-Risk Immunization Recommendations, National Infant Immunization Week, NDIIS Data Quality Improvement Effort, State Immunization Conference Registration and American Cancer Society: Missing HPV Cancer Free)
(Strategies to Increase Immunization Rates, Influenza Vaccination Rates, Perinatal Hepatitis B Prevention Program, Measles Outbreak in MN, NDIIS Projects, Storage and Handling Review, NDIIS Wins Award, CDC Immunization Champion Award, February ACIP Update, High Dose Influenza Vaccine, 2017 Legislative Update, Returning Vaccine in NDIIS, NDIIS Update, Adult Reminder/ Recall Project, Yellow Fever Vaccine Supply)
(Immunization Rates for the MCV4 Booster Dose, School Immuzation Requirements, June 2018 ACIP Update, ND HPV Vaccination Coverage Distribution, Immunization Program Collaboration with QHA, WIC and Immunization Best Practices, North Dakota Influenza and Adult Immunization Grant Awards, Adult Immunization Rates in ND, Shingrix Vaccine Supply, Vaccine Administration Errors with Shingrix, National Immunization Conference, ND Immunization Program Recognized at National Immunuization Conference, NDIIS Wins Award at AIM Leadership Conference, State Immunization Conference, 2018 Immunization Provider Awards, NDIIS Interoperability, THOR is Changing, NDIIS is not, Provider NDIIS Vaccine Shipping Information, Hepatitis A Outbreaks in the US, Calendar of Events )
(Inflenza Vaccine Season, Adolescent Immunization Platform, School Immunization Requirements, New Coverage Rates Section on Website, Changes to General Recommendations, Deceased Client Records Reporting, NDIIS School Module Fuctionality, NDIIS Forecaster FAQ's, June ACIP Update, ND Immunization Program Collaborates with ND Ryan White Program, NDIIS EHR Interoperability, Adult AFIX Visits and Education, MN Measles Outbreak Update, 2017 Immunization Awards, Association of State & Territorial Dental Directors Endorses HPV Vaccine, Vaccine Supply Update, VFC Site Visit Review, August is National Immunization Awareness Month, Calendar of Events)
(Influenza Vaccination Kick-Off, Novel Influenza Case, Influenza NIS Rates for the 2016-2017 Season, Pregnant Woman and Flu Vaccine, 2018 North Dakota State Immunization Conference, Pertussis Update, Storage and Handling, School Immunizations, Shoulder Injuries, Marking MOGEs in NDIIS, Long Term Care Outreach, Teen NIS Rates, Mott Poll Report, New Interactive Immunization Maps, New Zoster Vaccine, Hepatitis A Vaccine Supply, 2018 National Immuniation Conference, State-Supplied Adult Pneumococcal Vaccines, Administrative Rule Changes)
(2017 VFC Compliance Site Visit Results, Reporting of Temperature Excursions, Upcoming 2018 Enrollment, VAERS, Pediatric Flu Recall Letters, Sentinel Site Evaluation Project - HPV Coverage, October ACIP Update, Changes to Mandatory Reportable Conditions, Child Care and School Immunization Requirment Changes, Storage and Handling Update, Williams County Chickenpox Outbreak, 2018 State Immunization Conference Registration, Perinatal Hepatitis B Program, NHSN Seasonal Influenza, Tdap and Influenza Vaccination Rates in Pregnant Women in North Dakota, Flu Vaccination Rates, FDA Expanded Age Indication for Fluarix)