North Dakota Immunization Information System (NDIIS)

NDIIS Access

All indivdiuals requesting access to the North Dakota Immmunization Information System (NDIIS) must be associated with an active NDIIS provider. A provider site (i.e. individual provider location, school or childcare facility) must have a current, signed Provider Site Agreement on file with the Immunization Program before any individual users may have access. Each user will have their own, individual login ID and password assigned after the completed Request for Access form has been submitted and processed.

Provider Site Agreement
How To Complete Individual Request for Access Form
Individual Request for Access Form
Setting Up Internet Favorites Link to NDIIS login
NDIIS Application Support Services - Call toll-free 800.544.8467 or email at
►Provides technical assistance
►Reset passwords
►For other questions call 701.328.3386 or toll-free at 800.472.2180
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Other NDIIS Resources and Information
NDIIS Confidentiality Policy
Request an Immunization Record
Introduction to NDIIS
Brief Overview
The North Dakota Immunization Information System (NDIIS) is a confidential, population-based, computerized information system that attempts to collect vaccination data about all North Dakotans.  The NDIIS is an important tool to increase and sustain high vaccination coverage by consolidating vaccination records of children from multiple providers, generating reminder and recall vaccination notices for each child and providing official vaccination forms and vaccination coverage assessments.  Children are entered into the NDIIS at birth through a linkage with electronic birth records.  An NDIIS vaccination record also can be initiated by a healthcare provider at the time of the child's first immunization.  The NDIIS has the capability of collecting vaccination data on adult patients as well as children.  
The vision of the NDIIS is for all North Dakotans to be included and for all providers in North Dakota to report immunization information so the system can provide a single data source for statewide immunization partners.  The vision to maintain a statewide database of immunization information is an effort to increase immunization rates in order to prevent vaccine-preventable diseases in North Dakota. 
►To capture 100% of the vaccinations provided to children within North Dakota.
►To ensure that 95% of all children within the state who are younger than 6 are participating in the registry and have at least two immunizations recorded in the NDIIS. 
►To provide all registered NDIIS providers with access to vaccination data, in turn allowing them to query the registry for current and historical patient immunization records. 
►To maintain the confidentiality of all patient information received in the registry.
►To ensure that healthcare professionals administering immunizations are reporting to the NDIIS registry in a regular and timely manner (within one month of vaccine administration).
►To maintain the security of patient information stored in the registry.