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Community Planning


 What is Community Planning?
The CPG is funded by Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). The overall mission of the CPG is to develop a comprehensive HIV prevention plan targeting North Dakota's defined high-risk populations with scientifically based prevention interventions that are responsive to the identified needs within these populations.

North Dakota CPG continually pursues collaborative efforts in education, cultural awareness, and elimination of the stigma of HIV/AIDS.
What is Community Planning?
Community planning for Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) prevention is a dynamic collaborative process through which health departments work in partnership with community planning groups (CPGs) to design local prevention plans that best represent the needs of the various communities at risk for, or infected with, HIV within the jurisdiction of the CPG.

The major goal of community planning is to improve the effectiveness of HIV prevention programs through: The work of CPGs is based on these principles:
What is the role of the CPG?
Who represents the community?

The CPG is made up of individuals who reflect the demographics of current HIV/AIDS cases in the community such as current/former substance abusers, members of gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender populations, people of color, youth/young adults, and those who are infected or affected by HIV.

Why should I help?

Community planning gives you a voice in how to address HIV prevention by helping you to answer: Participating on the CPG provides you an opportunity to see who is a part of your extended community, hear their concerns and strategize how you can work together to eliminate the threat of HIV in the community.

What our members say... "Being a long-time member of the CPG has allowed me the opportunity to share what I believe is a strong and positive means of supporting the HIV prevention message."

"This is a valuable opportunity to advise the North Dakota Department of Health on HIV prevention funding allocations."

"It's rewarding to identify the lifesaving interventions that are implemented across the state to prevent the spread of HIV infections."

Prevention works!

Numerous studies show that HIV prevention interventions can change behaviors in a broad range of populations, including men who have sex with men, heterosexuals engaging in unprotected sexual contact, injection drug users, at-risk youth/young adults, etc.

Simple informational materials and programs are not enough. To be effective, prevention programs must:
What can you do?

The North Dakota Community Planning Group for HIV Prevention seeks meaningful involvement from community members like you to help develop, refine and tailor HIV prevention interventions that are culturally sensitive and scientifically sound, and that address the unique needs of those communities at highest risk for HIV infection.

HIV/AIDS is a community problem that needs a community solution.

Make a significant contribution to your local community and get involved with the community planning process in North Dakota.

Attend a CPG meeting to gain a better understanding of the process.

Nominations from the community are solicited throughout the year; the CPG is happy to hear from any and all interested parties.

For more information about the North Dakota Community Planning Group for HIV Prevention or to find out how you can become a member, call the North Dakota Department of Health at 701.328.2378 or 1.800.472.2180.