North Dakota Construction Standards and Life Safety Code

Several types of health care facilities are required to meet specific construction and Life Safety Code (fire safety) requirements in order to be licensed and participate in the Medicare/Medicaid programs. Life Safety Code surveys are done in the following types of facilities: nursing facilities, hospitals, critical access hospitals, basic care facilities, ASCs, and ICF/MRs.


Our surveyors follow the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) standards when inspecting facilities in the state.  Copies of the NFPA standards can be ordered from the NFPA website or by calling (800) 344-3555.


Life Safety Code and Documentation



Construction Standards



Fire Watch and Fire Evacuation Policies


Smoke Compartments



Smoking in Facilities



Smoke Detectors / Upholstered Furniture




Transfer Switch



Alcohol Based Hand Rub Solutions



Construction Approval



Plan of Correction


Fire Dampers






Health Facilities LSC Documentation



Exit Discharge




Power Point Presentations